About ctcLink

ctcLink is a system that gives students, staff, and faculty access to their college business and accounts––anytime, from anywhere. SPSCC will "go-live" with ctcLink on May 9, 2022.

ctcLink will replace the current 35-year-old administrative system, making things more streamlined at SPSCC, and also standardizing practices across the Washington State Community and Technical College system.

Benefits of ctcLink

ctcLink will change the ways we do most things at SPSCC, and will provide many benefits to students, employees, and the statewide college and technical college system.

For Students

  • A set of common, mobile-friendly tools to handle college business online, at any time
  • A single ID and student record that follows students wherever they go within the Washington community and technical college system
  • 24/7 access to an online student center where students can register for classes; handle financial aid processes; pay tuition and fees; add, drop or swap classes; contact an instructor or advisor; manage personal contact information; view grades, track academic goals and apply for graduation

For Employees

  • Self-service tools to manage personal information and other college business online
  • Consolidated payroll processing and a full suite of online HR tools and services
  • An online, integrated suite of financial tools and the ability to create automated approval workflow processes for purchasing, travel authorizations, expense reimbursements and more
  • A modern, consistent way of managing and sharing state and federal reports; payroll, purchasing and employee records; recruitment tools and benefits administration


  • Access to information from anywhere at any time
  • A single source of accurate, real-time data and common reporting tools
  • Standardization of select administrative processes to support effectiveness across the system
  • Ability to respond to changing business requirements
  • A modern, consistent way to manage student records, enrollment reports, grades, class rosters, scheduling information, tuition and financial aid processes, accounting, state/federal reports, and more