Key Dates and Timeline

On Monday, May 9, 2022, SPSCC will move to a new data system called ctcLink. We are in deployment group 6-C (DG6c).

Even with our ctcLink team working hard on this project, there are a lot of important dates to plan for as we all get ready for the new system.

May 9-20 Limited Services (PDF)

Key Dates and Timeline

Prior to 4/3

3/28 Review Receivables

Finance staff will review and finalize any purchases that have not been received and write off for FY22 and review unofficial charges w/out chartstring information.

4/1 Class Schedules Built

Class schedule completed for 2022 and 2023.

4/1 Grad App Deadline

Last day for students to apply for graduation.

4/4 Spring Quarter starts

3 Weeks to Go Live

4/8 100% Tuition Refund Ends

Students wishing to drop registered courses and receive 100% tuition refund must do so before April 8. More information can be found at [link]

4/8 Cycle 5 Mock Validation

Last conversion dry run before go live.

4/11 Finance Deadlines Last day to enter or submit financial transactions including:
  • Pcard purchases
  • Airfare purchases
  • Travel expense report submittals
  • Invoice Attached submittals
  • Submit Check Enclosed and A19’s
4/11 HR Deadlines

Last day to enter new jobs, new jobs for students and last day for start of term faculty contracts.

4/19 - Go/No-Go Decision

Review of college readiness by the state board to determine if the college is prepared to go live.

4/18 Payroll Changes

Last day to enter 10th day faculty contracts in Legacy as well as make payroll changes such as direct deposit, W4, etc..

4/18 Grant Deadlines

Last day for budget transfers, operating budgets and grants to process in-directs (Federal and State indirect costs) and last day to invoice for grants in Legacy.

4/20 Spring Registration End

Last day to register and pay for spring classes.

2 Weeks to Go Live

4/25 Submit Timesheets

Last day for employees to submit timesheets and for them to be approved in legacy.

4/25 Fin and HR Deadlines

This will be the last day to complete many financial, timesheet and financial aid transactions in legacy including;

  • Cashiering transactions
  • Travel posted and entered into HP
  • Purchase cards posted
  • Travel reimbursements
  • Check printing including hand drawn payroll checks
  • Student refund checks
  • Bank Mobile run
  • Invoice customers and students
  • 100% refunds
  • Financial Aid Disbursements, Financial Aid transactions, manual checks

4/26 Pathways Day

4/26 New mySPSCC & Schedule

mySPSCC gets a new look and the new Class Schedule is online.

4/27 Last Enrollment Changes

Last day for students to request add, drop, or withdraw in current system. Students can still get help in-person at the Start Here desk, but requests won't be processed until around May 18 in the new system.

1 week until Go Live

5/2 Human Resources Close
  • Complete Payroll Processing in Legacy. No hand-drawn checks if timesheet not in and approved
  • Process all pending Liberty Mutual Deductions
  • Reschedule payroll-related jobs for B4
  • Update future payroll-related jobs to run at later dates
  • Run annual process of jobs that do not convert to ctcLink
5/4 Admissions Portal Close

Legacy web admissions portals will close until new ctcLink admissions portals open (OAAP). All pending web admissions will need to be matriculated before legacy shutdown at the end of the week.

5/5 Finance Close April

All transactions reconciled and closed for the month of April.

5/5 Legacy Offline

Legacy Services will be brought down Thursday at 3 p.m. for all remaining colleges in preparation for DG6 go-live activities.

HP will be available 5/6 in READ ONLY status.

5/9 Go Live!

5/9-5/10 Services Closed

Closed services include: Enrollment Services (One Stop & Start Here), Financial Services & Financial Aid, Human Resources, Business Office, Counseling Services, DEIC, Advising, and Access Services.

5/11-5/20 Limited Services

Limited College Services

1 Week after Go Live

5/9 - 5/20 Employee Activation

The college will stage the process of account activation that prioritizes the ability to stabilize ctcLink and support users to make this transition with the least possible impact. The staging for account activation will be coordinated with workshops to walk through the process for submitting timesheets in ctcLink. These will be both scheduled virtual and in-person events. Check ctcLink for Staff  and ctcLink for Faculty for more information.

  • 5/9 Project Team & Front Line Staff that will require access on the first day.
  • 5/10 Classified & Exempt Staff, all employees who need to submit and approve time and absence.
  • 5/11 All remaining non-faculty employees including student workers, part-time, hourly and temp staff.
  • 5/12 All Faculty & Adjuncts.
  • 5/13 All Remaining Employees. Extra time reporting workshops/activation support.
5/16 – 5/20 Student Activation

Students will be activated one week after go live once employees have been activated and timesheets submitted. This process will be supported all week by student and support staff located at multiple locations as well as virtually. There will also be registration process workshops and self-service support for students all week. Check ctcLink for Students for more information.

5/24 Summer/Fall Returning Student Registration

5/31 Summer/Fall New Student Registration

6/14 Spring Term Ends