Baking & Pastry Arts

Combine your creativity and your passion to delight people with what you create. When you begin your culinary career in our Baking and Pastry Arts program, you’ll work closely with expert chefs in fully equipped, professional-grade kitchens to make delicious treats and baked goods.

You will spend almost every morning working through the fundamentals of baking and pastry arts in our fast-paced 3-quarter program. Learn about breads and biscuits, then move into cookies and Viennese-style baked goods like croissants and brioche. The program also covers pies and tarts, custards and mousses, cakes and tortes, and chocolates and confections.

What’s Different at SPSCC?

Work in a real bakery. Students in Baking and Pastry Arts support The Bake Shop in the Clipper Café, serving expertly-presented desserts and delicious pastries to go, all made fresh daily.

Spend less and compete for jobs. Our 3-quarter program provides hands-on experience needed to land a job in the industry at a fraction of the cost of a culinary school or apprenticeship program.

Careers in Baking & Pastry Arts

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