Invest in Students

Be the key to student success

Our students face some obvious and not-so-obvious challenges when it comes to going to college. You can make an impact by learning what barriers students face and donating to a fund that provides the critical resources they need to stay in school and reach their potential.

One out of every three students at SPSCC relies on some form of financial aid, and many have almost no financial reserves. Student Emergency funds help ensure that students stay where they belong — in school.

Areas of Need

Invest in student success by giving now.

Student Success Fund

The Student Success Fund allows us to respond quickly to areas of immediate financial need for students when other financial resources run dry.

Emergency Funds: When a financial emergency arises for a student, we can provide funding to pay a water bill, repair a broken car part, pay for a text book, and more.

Skills & Tools Funds: Programs such as the Betti Tool Fund and the Rosie the Riveter Fund help fund specialty tools and supplies in SPSCC’s professional/technical programs.

Completion Funds: If a student hits financial hardship during their final quarter before graduation, we help make sure they get funding to finish and walk across the graduation stage.

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Scholarships are given to motivated students who need help paying for tuition and can supplement state and federal aid. Why donate to scholarships?

  • If you received financial support for your own education, consider doing the same for others.
  • Honor the legacy of a loved one by creating a scholarship in their name.
  • Contribute to our community’s economic development by funding students—our future workforce.

Annual Scholarships: Contributions range from $1,000–$5,000. 100% of your gift goes straight to the student that year.

Existing Scholarships: You can contribute to an existing scholarship.

Endowed Scholarships: An endowed scholarship will be awarded in perpetuity with a minimum $25,000 contribution (may be paid via multi-year pledge).

For both scholarship types, you can establish the criteria based on area of study, GPA, financial need, etc., and name the scholarship in honor or memory of a loved one.

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College Programs

There are over 40 SPSCC programs and events that are always seeking support to enrich the students’ educational experiences. You can give to programs and areas such as:

  • Artist & Lecture Series
  • Athletics
  • Automotive & Welding
  • Culinary Arts
  • International Education
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Center’s FIRE Summit and Queer I Am annual events
  • Workforce Education and Job Skills Training

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Barriers to Student Success

When we better understand what is stopping students from achieving their goals through education, we can better support their success.

Understanding the Barriers
  • Paying for college, books, and supplies: Even though community college tuition is 1/3 or more less than state and private universities, annual estimated expenses at SPSCC are more than $15,000 while living on your own.
  • Personal or family emergencies: A family or personal emergency can hit any student at any time, affecting their emotions, time, money, and other resources. These hardships can quickly become a reason to stop coming to school.
  • Finding and affording childcare: Many single-parent and family households struggle with finding care that is convenient and affordable for their young children. When students find good care, they can focus better on their education.
  • Poor educational experiences in the past: A lot of students have already tried coming to college before and had a poor experience. Some had a poor high school experience and struggle with the idea of going back to school.
  • Supplementing the "Unmet Need": Despite being a state-funded institution, students aren’t getting all of the college funding they qualify for. In 2016, SPSCC students qualified for $3.3 million in financial awards. The State Need Grant funded $2.3 million of those awards, leaving a $1 million+ gap, or unmet need.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, your donation to the SPSCC Foundation can be tax deductible. Donations of any size make a difference in the life of a student. EIN 91-1174940.