Foundation Student Success Grants

Funds Available to Support Student Success

The SPSCC Foundation recognizes that students face financial barriers outside of tuition costs. To help meet the needs of students throughout their time at SPSCC, a variety of grants are available to currently enrolled SPSCC students who are eligible and apply. (Unfortunately, Running Start students are not eligible.)

How to Apply

There is only one general grant application online. Students must carefully review the types of grant funds listed below and select a specific fund on their grant application to match their appropriate need.

Once the appropriate grant fund is identified, students may apply for that funding through an SPSCC Foundation grant. Complete the Student Success Funds Application and check your email for next steps.

Financial Aid requires two weeks to review and determine eligibility after a completed application is submitted. Grant offers are contingent upon the SPSCC Financial Aid office's assessment of a student's current eligibility for additional aid. Additionally, all grant offers are subject to funds availability at the time the application is received. For questions on aid eligibility, please contact Financial Aid, 360-596-5232.

Apply for a Grant

For a full list of SPSCC Foundation grants and scholarships, see All Opportunities.

Available Grant Funds

Completion Fund

Close to graduating but out of funding?

The completion fund is for tuition only for certificate and degree-seeking students in their last quarter at SPSCC before graduation.
Maximum award: $1,000

Testing Fund

Working toward improving math, reading or writing skills, completing the High School Equivalencey (GED®) or High School Completion?

The testing fund is available to students taking or preparing to take GED® tests for high school equivalency and to assess college readiness. Testing funds may be requested multiple times in an academic year.
Award amount varies.

Tuition & Books Fund

Finding it difficult to pay tuition this quarter?

The tuition and books fund is for full or part-time certificate or degree-seeking students who are experiencing an unexpected financial hardship and need help with textbooks or tuition. Current students may apply once per academic year.
Maximum award: $1,000

Emergency Fund

Having difficulty making ends meet?

The emergency grant is available to all students experiencing an immediate financial hardship. Frequent applicant requests include: past due rent, power bill and car repair. Emergency grants may be applied for once per academic year.
Maximum award: $500

Tools & Supplies Fund

Struggling with the cost of tools, supplies, or uniforms required for your program of study?

The tools and supplies fund is for students in programs that require uniforms, equipment, and supplies as part of their course work.
Maximum award: $500