Robert Hunter SWJ 2020

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Artist Statement

Working as an Abstract Expressionist artist for over forty years has been a challenging, yet rewarding journey. While Art professors R. Jensen, and Gene Vike were invaluable mentors in my early quest as an artist, it was Robert Sterling, a painter and retired W.S.U. Art professor who intrigued me with his wonderful, original works, and thus inspired me.

While taking personal workshops with Rob Sterling at Lopez Island, WA., the abstract works of Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthaler, Clyfford Still, Mark Tobey, Guy Anderson, and Paul Horiuchi provided a wealth of diverse styles to learn from for many years. Subject matter, choice of materials, perspective, and all the elements of Art were taught during these memorable sessions during the 1970’s and 80’s. Rob Sterling was more than my Art instructor, he was friend, father figure, counselor, and is mainly responsible for the confidence and knowledge he imparted to me as an artist.

Currently, my work is shown at The Artists’ Gallery of West Olympia. There are two mixed media artists, Mia Schulte, and Lorraine Wade, who are also members of this artist co-op, and to whom I owe thanks artistically. Their original abstracts are intuitive, rich in color and texture, and also very inspiring. Most compositions I work on now are driven by a central theme of nature, personal relationships, some politics, emotions, and travel. Choosing canvas as a mount, works start with a light charcoal drawing, then layers of Japanese papers and acrylic matte gel are added. Acrylic paints, mixed with mediums, or thinned with water complete the process.

Currently I rent a warehouse in Olympia where I paint, play music, listen to music, and constantly critique my original paintings and collage. Visitations are welcome!

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