James Krug SWJ 2020

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Artist Statement

My basic philosophy about my work is to paint pictures that I like to look at. This involves much more than subject matter alone. It includes texture, rhythm, color balance and contrast, light and dark warm and cool etc. I want my viewers to have an emotional response to my work and to appreciate not only the beauty but also the fragility of nature. I hope that owners will enjoy their painting for a long time and find something new with repeated viewing.

To this end, I have studied numerous books from the classics of Edgar Payne and John F. Carlson to modern manuals on technique. In addition, I have studied in classes and workshops with accomplished painters. But mostly, I have spent many hours just painting from exercises to studies to finished paintings small and large.

My ideas and inspiration come from the subject matter first but also from the work and teaching of other artists, past (Caravaggio, Raphael, Courbet, Aagard, Morten Andersen, Thomas Moran), and present (Clyde Aspevig, Richard Schmid, Michael Albrechtsen).

Moving forward, I plan to refine my work and add more painting knife and other techniques. For subject matter, I have begun including more wildlife.