Carrie Larson SWJ 2020

Artist image

Artist Bio

Carrie, a visual artist living in Hoquiam, Washington, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Whitman College. There she was first introduced to Book Arts, which became the springboard for all permutations of her art-making. Carrie’s work has been exhibited in solo shows locally and juried shows nationally and is held in Washington’s Art in Public Places Program, installed at The Evergreen State College. Her artist’s books are included in various university library collections, as well as the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. 

At home she scoots outdoors as often as possible, wears out her library card, and enjoys the company of her husband John and a couple of cats, who like to investigate works in progress.

Artist Statement

A foundation in the making of artist books informs my mixed media pieces, from an infatuation with papers to the use of thread like drawn lines—thread that also “binds” the disparate bits together. I am drawn to processes and materials that invite touch, celebrating tactile qualities that encourage us to connect with one another. My focus remains on the idea of shaping a cohesive whole from various fragments—a process that can feel like an act of healing or an attempt toward unity.

Influenced by the natural environment, my work explores a sense of place, edited down to essences and sensations to evoke a poetry of sorts. While my artist’s books and installations often address both personal and societal concerns, my two-dimensional pieces  live in that reflected natural environment, creating a meditative space for both maker and viewer, a space that—hopefully—can offer a quiet peace as counterpoint to a chaotic world.

My work has been deeply influenced by Keiko Hara, my teacher and mentor at Whitman College. Other influences include Helen Frankenthaler’s Color Field work and Joseph Cornell’s assemblages.