Irene Osborn SWJ 2020

Artist image

Artist's Statement 'Untitled'

My work often deals with emotions and  the sociopolitical times we live in. Our world  has changed dramatically. How can one even begin to understand or even depict the horror of the last years. Mass shootings, police killings, the rise of white supremacy, dehumanization and separation of  immigrants, and then the outbreak of COVID-19 and all happening under the shadow of global warming!

This figure is my response to the now.

Preparing the clay, thinking about all the suffering, listening to 'Songs and Dances of Death' (Moussorgsky)  this figure emerged. It formed itself, I just had to help it along. In sickness or death, the sufferer is alone, no loved ones are near. .

The enveloping figure could be comforting memories, thoughts, faith, or death or it could be dread of what is to come.