Chris Wooten SWJ 2020

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Artist Bio

Chris Wooten is a mixed-media artist who lives and works in Browns Point, WA.

Her imagery is figurative. Her medium is sculptural woven wire. She is inspired by nature and the environment. Her artwork is informed by studying cultures, past and present, living in close relationship with nature. The rituals, observations and interpretations that come from this connection provides endless fascination and inspiration for her art.

Chris is a lifelong experimenter and her curiosity has led her to practice many different art processes including mixed media fabrications, sculptural fiber, printmaking, theatrical costuming and mask-making. She received her fine arts education from the University of Washington and the University of Illinois, studying painting and printmaking.

Artist Statement

My artwork emerges from a personal mythology with narratives about connection and integration with nature. As we use up/ lose the natural environment and the flora and fauna, I believe we lose our sense of place in the world. Reconnecting, growth, regeneration and relationship to nature are common themes in my work.

I view human beings as an integral element of nature, not superior to or separate from it. We are all connected to and in equal relationship to each other and all other elements of the natural world. Some of my pieces are personal talisman that invoke the magic of a valued place, person or animal. Others pieces are meant to share an insight, a lesson learned or a particular emotion.

Working in sculptural woven wire, the figurative pieces are three dimensional and take shape in my hands as I work. The finished artworks produce cast shadows that change with the light and convey impermanence, transparency and shifting realities, like wind or emotions.

Using use different types of wire in my work, some are cast-off materials and then recycled into my work, like steel tie wire or plastic-coated wire. Jewelry wire, beads, glass and crystal are also used to provide intense color, to highlight and make precious.

Statement about “Anticipation”

On the verge of what’s next, these people are waiting for the second shoe to drop, anticipating an outcome that is uncertain. Their expressions reflect the emotions of those who are curious, guarded, angry, worried and scared as they react to the many incomprehensible things happening in the world today. 

Statement about “After the Burn”


After devastating events occur to the landscape, the resilience of nature to regenerate seems like a miracle. This piece honors the power of nature being nature. The nature that humans are part of as well.

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