Are you interested in law? Do you want to work in a challenging environment that pays well? Do you enjoy navigating complex systems that require precise attention to detail? As an attorney, you could put your unique skillset to work advocating and helping people solve problems they wouldn’t be able to alone. You can begin to lay the foundation for this career at SPSCC.

Start your journey at SPSCC.

Pre-law studies is not a major or degree on its own, but is a path toward a 4-year university and then law school. Choosing a AA Direct Transfer degree at SPSCC will allow you to complete your bachelor’s degree at a 4-year college or university at a fraction of the cost.

Preparing for law school is a long and intensive process. We recommend that you speak with our Advising and Career Services staff to help you prepare, and find the right fit for your academic skills and interests. You can also look at our Paralegal program, if you’re interested in the everyday work of law offices.

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