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Do you have a highly analytical mind? An attention to detail? A love of technology? If this sounds like you, a degree in Information Systems can offer opportunities in a variety of areas, providing knowledge and training in database management, software application development, computer network infrastructure, and how organizations use and apply data to get the information they need.

A degree in Information Systems will demonstrate your knowledge and experience in a wide range of skills. You’ll be trained to use Structured Query Language to retrieve and process data, and how to build software applications to collect and organize that data both locally and in the cloud. You’ll also focus on communication skills to work with technical and non-technical employees, and develop problem-solving skills to help your workplace meet changing demands.

What's Different at SPSCC?

Work towards your degree through Online and Evening Studies. Most courses are offered either online or during evening hours (in hybrid or face-to-face formats), letting you work towards a new career in the IT industry as a part-time student.

Worker Retraining funds. Some students qualify for Worker Retraining, which helps pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and more. Learn if you qualify for Worker Retraining >.

Industry participates in our program. Our program is based on continued discussions with area employers, from state and local government agencies to private tech start-ups. You will develop skills in relational databases and computer programming, and work with computer networks. At the same time, you’ll learn how organizations use information, and how data changes from simply describing the world to making sense of the world. Some of the things you will learn in the information systems program include:

Structured Query Language (SQL) and relational database theory and design;

C# and JavaScript, and using procedural programming languages to work with relational databases;

Working with data stored locally and in the cloud;

Presenting information in meaningful ways using HTML, CSS and reporting tools;

Fundamentals of computer networking to ensure data is available and your database reliable; and

How businesses use and apply data to make decisions.

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