Peer Mentors

Meet your SPSCC International Peer Mentors

Aliyah Cai

Aliyah (Qiang Qiang) Cai, China

Major: Business
Plans after graduation: I will transfer to a 4-year university to pursue my B.A. in Business/Accounting.
Why did you choose to become a peer mentor? I want to make more friends, enlarge my social circle and help other students get familiar with SPSCC.
Fun Fact: My favorite food is spicy food. I love reading novels and watching anime.


Phuoc Truong

Phuoc Van Truong, Vietnam

I am on the way to get an Associate of Science degree at SPSCC. I really love programming and want to be an excellent developer in the future. I have a big target for 2 years in SPSCC that is to get an A for all of my classes. I am also interested in photography, swimming, volleyball, and aquascaping.
Fun Fact: Every moment of life has special meaning, so don’t be so hurried if you don’t want to miss it. "On the way to success, there is no trace of lazy men."