International Housing

International Student Housing

South Puget Sound Community College partners with reliable local partners to help you find clean, safe, and affordable housing. Whether you prefer to live with a host family or desire to be independent in an apartment, you will find an option that fits you and your budget with our housing program options.

Students and parents should consider the following when selecting a housing option:

  • Make housing arrangements as early as possible after your student visa has been approved.
  • Students who are younger than 18 are generally not allowed to sign a lease for an apartment in the State of Washington.
  • We strongly recommend that students who are 16 or 17 live with a host family.
  • We strongly recommend participating in the college's housing programs. ISS provides resources to assist with finding local housing, but cannot make housing arrangements for applicants, nor monitor individual living arrangements.

Steps to Apply for Housing

  • Once you have received your U.S. Visa confirmation explore your housing options. You can find information about our housing programs online.
  • After you make your housing selection, submit the following:
    • New Student Arrival Form
    • Apartment or Host Family Application
  • Two weeks prior to your arrival, you will receive information about your housing placement and airport pick-up.