Canvas FAQs

How do I get to Canvas?

Go to
Log in with your Student Identification (SID) number (875000000) and Canvas password.
Your default Canvas password is the first 8 letters of your last name, all lowercase. If your last name is short, repeat it until you reach 8 letters.

Which browser should I use?

Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Make sure your browser version and plugins are up to date.

How do I login using a mobile device?

Log in with your Student Identification number and password.  Use the same login for any device.

Why cant I log in?

Be sure you type your SID number without spaces or hyphens.
Do not use Caps-lock when entering SID or Password.
Contact our Help Desk at 360.596.5544 or;  or stop visit Online Learning in Building 22, room 181.

Where are my courses?

Canvas will automatically show your favorite courses in your Dashboard when you log in. You can see all your courses by clicking on Courses in the left-hand column.

How can I hide some courses?

Your “favorites” or “short list” of courses is what initially shows in Canvas. To change what shows, click on Courses at the far left, then All Courses. Click on the star in front of each course name. A gold star = a favorite, and that course will automatically show when you log in. Click on a gold star to turn it gray and un-favorite a course.

My course isn’t in Canvas!

Some teachers do not use Canvas; check with your teacher to see if the course is in Canvas. Double-check that you’re really enrolled.

Is there any chance you were dropped for non-payment of tuition? Check with Enrollment Services  at 360.596.5241 or Building 22 in the One-Stop upstairs.

How do I contact my teacher through Canvas?

Click InBox at the far left of Canvas. Near the top click the Compose a New Message button. Select your course. To the far right of the “to” line, click the button that looks like a head. Click Teachers, click your teacher’s name. Type a subject. Type your message. Click Send.

How do I check my grades in a Canvas course?

Enter the course, then click on Grades at the left. By default Canvas bases your grade only on what’s been graded so far; not all of the assignments in the course.

My question isn’t answered here, where can I get help with Canvas?

Online support for Canvas is in The Canvas Community. You can also contact our Help Desk – 360.596.5544 or, or stop by eLearning in Building 22, Room 181.