Online course deadlines


Students can register online or in person for online classes. Students must have a personal email account before registering for online courses.


It is important to note that dates for some online courses may be different from the traditional SPSCC class schedule. Courses from other colleges, or courses that SPSCC shares with other colleges, will follow the WAOL schedule (find the WAOL start/stop dates at: The following SPSCC courses will follow the WAOL start/stop dates:

  • Archaeology (ANTH&204)
  • Cultural Anthropology (ANTH&206)
  • Indians of North America: Diversity (ANTH&210)
  • Northwest Coast Indians (ANTH&216)
  • Child Care Basics (ECED&100)
  • And any non-SPSCC courses offered through WAOL

Online courses will accept enrollment through the 4th day of classes.

  • Web Registration ends at 5 P.M. on the 4th day of the quarter.
  • All Add/Drop/Withdrawals must be done in person after the 4th day of the quarter.


Students are responsible for FORMALLY WITHDRAWING from any course they no longer want to be registered for through Enrollment Services.

Students receiving Financial Aid must obtain signatures from the Financial Aid Office before Add/Drop forms can be processed by Enrollment Services.