Online courses

Online courses in the class schedule are labeled “ONLINE.” If you cannot find the online course you want at SPSCC, you may access online courses at other colleges via the Washington Online homepage. From the WAOL homepage, you’ll be able to search for courses.

The requirements of an online course do not differ significantly from those of a traditional course. Online courses at SPSCC are hosted by Canvas. Once you log on to your online classroom, you will notice that it includes readings, exercises, videos, podcasts, discussion forums, written assignments, and group work. Like a traditional course, online courses have regularly scheduled beginning and ending dates, as well as deadlines for completing class assignments. You should expect to spend 12-15 hours per week working on the course, and plan to work on the course every day.

Remember: Online instruction is not self-paced – there is a course schedule that may include mid-terms, finals, and other hard deadlines. The advantage of online instruction is that you can work the hours each day that are most convenient for you.