Advisors to student organizations

In general, the advisor to a chartered student organization should serve to represent the organization to the college and the college to the organization. It is the role of the advisor to ensure that the affairs of the organization are conducted in a business-like fashion within contexts of the existing college policies and procedures, rather than dictate what members of the organization should and should not do. Members of the organization should be able to count upon the advisor for assistance and guidance in planning and conducting the program and activities of the organization. Specifically, the advisor must:

A. Attend the organization’s meetings whenever feasible.

B. Approve expenditures proposed by the organization and ensure that the treasury of the organization is kept on deposit with the college and within guidelines of the Financial Code.

C. Participate in the planning of the activities and conduct of the organization.

D. Attend all trips or make arrangements for a non-student employee to attend if unable to participate .(inform the office of student life program coordinator if you are unable to attend)

E. Keep the dean of student life fully informed about the programs and activities of the organization.

F. Assist in the general development and operation of the organization.

G. Be familiar with college policies and procedures for purchasing and travel covered in annual training session with the Office of Student Life.

Advisors are also responsible to the club/organization for the following:

1. Have knowledge of all plans and activities of the club/organization including the group’s own governing documents.

2. Discourage domination of the club/organization by any individual or small groups.

3. Assist in the orientation of new officers.

4. Assist the club/organization in setting realistic goals and objectives for the academic year.

5. Promote closer involvement between students, faculty and staff.

6. Be familiar with the Club/Organization Handbook .

7. Serve as parliamentarian for the club/organziation.

8. Veto a decision when it violates the club’s/organization's objectives, bylaws, codes and standing rules or College policy including canceling any activities when he/she believes they have been poorly planned.

9. Attend regular training facilitated by the Office of Student Life in order to be familiar with College facilities, services and procedures which affect club activities.

What a Student Officer May Expect of an Advisor:

1. Assist the club/organization in formulating long–range goals and in planning and initiating short–term projects.

2. Assistance with the College’s procedural and policy matters.

3. Suggestions of ways the club meetings can be improved.

4. Assist in evaluating club projects, performance, and progress.

5. Make suggestions that will permit the officers to improve leadership skills.

What an Advisor May Expect of a Student Officer:

1. Keep advisor informed of all organizational and publicity activities, meeting times, locations, and agendas.

2. Provide advisor with minutes of all meetings.

3. Meet regularly with the advisor and use him/her as a sounding board for discussing plans and problems.