Affording college

You need to plan to pay for tuition, books, supplies, rent, food, utilities, transportation, and personal expenses.  SPSCC's Financial Aid department's first priority is to help students pay for tuition and books. Below is a guide in estimating what it may cost you to attend SPSCC for nine months.

School/Living ExpensesLiving with ParentLiving in an Apartment
Tuition & Fees*
(estimate only)
Books & Supplies$1,030$1,030
Rent, Food, Utilities, etc$3,220¹$9,630¹
Personal Expenses**$1,640$1,820
* Non-resident tuition and fees are higher.
** Additional costs may be added to expenses for students with special needs or who have daycare costs.
*** No allowance is made for consumer debts.
¹ Assumes student will be sharing housing costs with at least one other person.
² Includes cost of insurance, preventive maintenance and gas for nine months at 31 miles per day. If you travel additional miles, allow about 22 cents per mile. No allowance is made for car payments or purchasing a new car.