Running Start Fee/Tuition waiver

Running Start students are required to pay all applicable tuition and fees for the courses they take at South Puget Sound Community College. Tuition for credits within the funding limits will be paid for through the Running Start program; students are responsible for tuition on courses under the 100 level or over the credit distribution maximums. They are responsible for all fees. Running Start students can apply for a Fee/Tuition Waiver if they meet the income criteria for the USDA WIC program.

  • Income guidelines to qualify for Fee/Tuition waiver are available here.
  • The waiver does not include all fees.
  • The application must be completed online. The application is available starting in August and until the 10th day of spring quarter each academic year. Applications and documentation must be turned in by the 10th day of each quarter to apply for that quarter.
  • Documentation must be submitted to the Advising Center or One Stop counter in building 22. Applications will not be processed until documentation is received. Qualifying documentation is one of the following:
    • A copy of last year’s tax return (only need the summary page showing list of dependents and total adjusted income)
    • Pay stubs for each working family member of the household for the previous 3 months, with the number of family members written on the first page
    • Approval for food stamps or TANF benefits (within the past 3 months) or documentation of the last 3 months of benefits
    • Free/Reduced Lunch approval letter for the current school year

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. If you are unable to provide the required documentation, please email

The application for Fee Waiver and Book Loan can be completed here.


Fee/Tuition Waiver (FTW) & Book Loan Important Dates Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018
FTW & Book Loan Application is available online. August 2016 - April 2017
FTW & Book Loan Application & Documentation due by 5:00 pm to avoid fee/tuition charges from the college. Aug. 29 Dec. 12 Mar. 13
If the application and/or documentation are turned in after the deadline, you must pay all owing fees/tuition on your account to hold their courses. You will be refunded 100% of the overpayment as long as the application and documentation is received by the 10th day of the quarter. Refunds take a minimum of two weeks to process after the FTW has been approved.To check on the status of your refund, please contact the Business Office at 360-596-5246.
Last day FTW applications will be accepted for the current quarter Sept. 29 Jan. 15 Apr. 13
Applications turned in after the deadline will be processed for the subsequent quarter and are good for the remainder of the academic year.

Running Start Book Loan

A student must qualify for Fee/Tuition Waiver in order to apply for book loan, and the application encompasses both programs. Please see the Running Start Fee/Tuition Waiver information above and Running Start book loans.

We provide as many books as possible for each student based on what is available in our loan library. Each quarter we assess the needs of the overall population of applicants and purchase books to expand on the existing library, based on available funding. Students who have secured one text book for quarterly loan are eligible for additional books for loan, but only after the library exhausts options to check at least one book out to each eligible applicant.

  • The Book Loan & Fee Waiver can be applied for on the same application.
  • The application should be completed online.
  • Loans are valid for one academic quarter. Students must resubmit the 1-page book loan application online and list their classes by the application deadline each quarter they are seeking book loan assistance.
  • Students must sign a book loan agreement form. Upon checking out a book from the book loan library, students must sign a form in which they agree to the conditions of the program.
  • Books must be returned to the Advising Center. If a student fails to return books by the due date given in the book loan agreement form, they will be unable to apply for book loan in future quarters.
  • Students must make every reasonable effort to keep books in good condition and are not allowed to mark, highlight, or otherwise alter loaned books.
  • We make reasonable efforts to serve as many qualifying applicants as possible; we cannot guarantee book availability due to resource limits.
  • If you do not get one or all of the books you need for a given quarter, do not get discouraged from reapplying in subsequent quarters.
  • The Book Loan Library only buys text books - It does not buy lab books, electronic key codes or other supplies required for courses available. However, on rare occasion we have workbooks and lab books donated to us. Although these books are very limited, it does not hurt to see if a workbook or lab book is in inventory.
  • The Book Loan library may not have all your books - Students may still have book costs they are responsible for. How much we can cover varies from quarter to quarter based on how many applications are received and the required text books for the courses. It is important for students to secure funds to cover the expense of their books in the event that the Book Loan library does not have a book(s) available for the quarter.
  • Students must be enrolled in courses for the upcoming quarter - The book loan application will automatically be denied if the student is not registered for classes for the upcoming quarter that they are applying for assistance. If the student changes courses after they submit a book loan application, funding will not be supplied or altered for the new courses. Funding is based on the original course submissions. The student automatically forfeits funding if they change courses.