Satisfactory Academic Progress & FA Recipient Responsibilities

If you are awarded financial aid, you have certain responsibilities to maintain eligibility. You will be receiving detailed information with your award packet. These are some key items to be aware of.

SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS – Students are required to meet satisfactory academic progress standards. Students who complete all credits with a quarterly and cumulative 2.0 GPA are considered to be making satisfactory progress. Students are also subject to completion ratios. You will receive detailed information with your award packet. See Student Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL – Students who have commenced attendance and are considering a complete withdrawal, are advised to talk to Student Financial Services. Completely withdrawing after receiving financial aid funds may put you in a repayment status. Students who owe a repayment are not allowed to enroll and in some cases cannot receive financial aid at any other institution until the repayment is resolved.

TIMEFRAME – Generally, students are funded for the number of credits needed to complete an approved program of study. Students who have attended other colleges will be required to have a transcript evaluation done by Enrollment
Services. Students completing prerequisite courses should consult with our office prior to requesting a transcript evaluation. Students are allowed up to 45 credits of remedial course work and two programs of study.

STUDY ABROAD – If the college is offering a program abroad that applies to your eligible program of study, financial aid may be available to you. Contact our Financial Aid Office for more information.

OUTSIDE FUNDING – Financial aid students are required to notify our office of any outside assistance being received for education expenses. This includes: scholarships, DVR, L&I, Employment Security, and any other educational
benefits. Failure to report this information could result in an over award and a student could be required to repay the financial aid received.