Student Financial Classification

To be classified as independent, you must not be claimed on your parents'/legal guardians' Federal Tax Returns and must be able to submit proof that you are financially independent.

To be classified as a dependent, you must be financially dependent on your parents'/legal guardians', claimed on your parents'/legal guardians' Federal Tax Returns, and be able to provide proof.

Note: If you are a married student applying for residency status, you should apply as a financially independent student.

How do I prove financial independence/dependence?

You must provide proof of income that amounts to 51% of your total expenses. This income must come from your OWN employment, Financial Aid, loans, scholarships, grants, etc. If you are receiving Financial Aid, loans, etc., it cannot be under your parents' name/account. You must be the primary account holder. Parents are allowed to be secondary account holders/co-signers. When filing as dependents, you will submit all of your parents' information with your Residency Questionnaire NOT your own information.

Can I use trust funds to supplement my financial independence?

Yes, you may use trust funds to supplement your financial independence; however, the trust funds are only valid if the trust was established before you were in 10th grade. You will be asked to provide documentation of when the trust was established.