Summer Financial Aid Disbursement

Summer disbursement of financial aid is slightly different from other quarters. This information has been included in your award letter.


  • Summer tuition is due June 9th.
  • Summer Financial Aid will start paying tuition on June 20th. This only applies to students who have signed and returned Award Letters that include Summer funding.
  • Students who have Summer Financial Aid on their Award Letters will be held in their classes and NOT DROPPED until disbursement starts on June 20th.


  • If you have financial aid remaining after your tuition is paid, we will issue you a balance check. Checks will be mailed the last business day before the quarter starts.
  • Some checks will be delayed if you have changed your schedule.
  • Checks will also be delayed if you have enrolled in non-required classes for your degree.


  • Loan funding will not be released until July 2nd.
  • If you have a Summer Loan on your Award Letter, we will hold your classes and you will not be dropped until disbursement starting July 2nd.
  • If you have loan funds remaining after paying your tuition, you will be issued a balance check. Balance checks take 2-3 days after tuition is paid.