Work Study

Federal Work-Study on Campus (FWS) is a federally subsidized employment program that helps students pay for college by paying them for work. To be eligible for work study, a student must apply for and be awarded work-study through the financial aid application process.

Work study is one type of financial aid, and each student is awarded a set amount of work-study eligibility that will determine the amount of hours per week he or she may work.  Students receive an award based upon personal financial circumstances and office policy.  Positions can be on or off campus.

Federal Community Service Learning Work Study (FCSL) is a federally subsidized employment program designed to help students pay for college by paying them for the work they do and by encouraging students to participate in community service activities through off-campus employment in a non-profit, governmental, or community-based organization. The college pays the student's salary.  Students working under this program are subject to the rules governing the Federal Work-Study Program. 

State Work Study Off Campus is a program funded by the state legislature and administered by the Higher Education Coordinating Board.  The program is designed to help students pay for college by placing them in jobs generally related to the student’s major and/or career goals. Positions are all off campus. 

Work study is not a grant, you work to earn this type of financial aid. Because work-study funding is limited, many qualifying students will not receive an award.

Work study is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to students who have completed their financial aid file.  Work-study is awarded until funds are exhausted.

It is mandatory for students requesting on- or off-campus work-study to attend a work-study workshop at least one time each year before they can be placed in a work-study position. A list of scheduled sessions will be included with your financial aid award.