Changing residency for in-state tuition

To apply for a change in residency classification:

  • Complete and print the Residence Questionnaire.
  • Return the completed original Residency Questionnaire (we cannot accept photocopies or faxes) to the Student Services One-Stop along with original supporting documents (copies of original documents will be made by the staff at our office; copies made by students are not acceptable).
  • To be effective for the current quarter, the deadline to submit the Residency Questionnaire and/or all required documentation is the 30th calendar day of the quarter. For questionnaires and/or documentation submitted after the 30th calendar day of the current quarter, approved residency changes will not take effect until the next quarter.

Please note: Once the application and its contents have been submitted, it becomes the property of South Puget Sound Community College and will not be returned to students. The College keeps the documentation in a high security vault for 7 years (for records and auditing purposes) and destroys the files after that time period. It is suggested students make copies for themselves in case they need it for future references.

Residency Guidelines and further information can be found on the Residency page. 

Other Application Forms

All forms in this section are PDF documents that can be opened with Adobe Acrobat. If you need a copy of the software, you can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.