Safety Tips

Contact Campus Security if you:

  • Are a victim of a crime that has occurred on campus.
  • See a suspicious activity or a suspicious vehicle on campus.
  • Have information about a theft of property.
  • Have been involved in an auto accident or have witnessed one.
  • Smell or see smoke/flames or fumes inside a building.
  • Have been injured and/or need first aid.
  • Notice any other safety or security related problems.

Personal Safety Information:
If you are being followed:

  • Change your direction, cross the street.
  • Keep looking back so the person knows you can't be surprised.
  • Go to a well-lighted area, such as a classroom, office or library; anywhere there are people.
  • Notice and remember as much as possible about the person so you can give a good description.
  • At night walk with someone; there is safety in numbers.
  • Report anything suspicious to campus security or the police.

Vehicle Safety

  • Park in well-lighted areas if possible.
  • Valuables should be locked in the trunk or taken with you.
  • Lock your vehicle.

Returning To Your Vehicle

  • If possible, don't walk alone.
  • Check the immediate area around you.
  • Have your keys in your hand.
  • Check the front and back of your vehicle before getting inside.
  • Once inside, lock your doors.