Early Alert Program

The Early Alert program is designed to help promote student success and retention. The goal is to successfully identify and assist students that may be experiencing academic difficulty. How does the Early Alert Program Work?

  1. Instructors are encouraged to contact the student directly at the first sign of academic difficulty.
  2. If direct contact with the student does not help resolve the issue(s), then instructors are able to complete a referral online. There are three reporting areas: never attended, attendance problems, and poor progress. In addition, an optional comment field is provided. Instructors have an opportunity to report beginning the 10th day of class, which is the last day to add/drop a class. The database is left open until the week before the last day to withdraw from class, which allows enough time to contact students who may need to drop their class.
  3. Counseling downloads a report bi-weekly, and a counselor attempts to contact the student by telephone and email. The student is informed that someone from Counseling calls to check in with students when one of their instructors has indicated the person is having difficulty in class. The counselor asks if the student has talked with their faculty and encourages them to do so if they have not yet had a conversation. They also let the student know that counselors are available to meet for support and counseling, offer tutoring and study lab information, and inform the student of the last day to drop a course if needed.