One-on-one counseling

Counseling offered by Counseling Services includes:

Personal Counseling
Personal counseling gives students the opportunity to meet with a professional counselor to discuss issues and concerns that may be interfering with their ability to achieve educational and personal goals. Personal counseling is available by appointment or on an emergency basis.

Career Counseling
Counselors help students examine career and life goals; assess interests, values, and skills; make occupational decisions; select educational programs and majors; and explore the world of work. Career counseling is available through classes, workshops, or individual appointments.

Educational Skills Counseling
Educational skills counseling assists students in learning how to improve study skills such as reducing test anxiety, managing time more effectively, establishing and reaching realistic goals, and adjusting to college life. Educational skills counseling and instruction are available through classes, workshops, and individual appointments.

Crisis Intervention
Counselors are available to help with a variety of emotional crises or emergencies. When a counselor cannot be reached, call the Thurston County Crisis Clinic at (360) 586-2800 for personal assistance; and call 911 for medical assistance.

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