Forms for transferring credits

These tables show what forms you need to complete to transfer different types of credit to SPSCC.


Education Requirements Transfer Options
Colleges, universities Accredited college/university Transfer of Credit
Military College Military Training (AARTS or SMARTS) Transfer of Credit
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Scores above 50th percentile Transfer of Credit
Colleges, Universities Unaccredited college/university *CALE



Education Requirements Transfer Options
Advanced Placement Scores of “3”+ (AP chart) Transfer of Credit
International Baccalaureate IB Diploma Transfer of Credit
Tech Prep Articulated Programs Transfer of Credit
College in the High School Accredited Institutions Transfer of Credit
High School Transcripts Algebra II "B" + ea. semester Placement Guide
High School Transcripts Pre-Calculus "B" + ea. semester Placement Guide
Smart Balance Assessment (SBA) Scores of "3" or "4" ELA/MATH Placement Guide


Formal Professional Training

Education Requirements Transfer Options
Training Certification Formal Training Program *CALE


Other Prior Learning Experiences

Education Requirements Transfer Options
Non-certified work or experience Other work or life experience Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)