ELUNA 2017 Presentation

ELUNA Credentials

ELUNA 2017

Ex Libris Users of North America 2017 Conference

Chris E Rea, Library and Archives Paraprofessional, South Puget Sound Community College

Professional Development Grant Visual Presentation for funds received from Library Sciences and Technology Act (LSTA)
Washington State Library (WSL)

ELUNA Schedule At-A-Glance

My chosen LSTA priority

By attending the 2017 ELUNA conference, I am able to fulfill the LSTA priority I chose: To expand services for learning and access to information.

My original goal was to learn more efficient ways to make course reserves accessible to faculty and students using our new ILS (Integrated Library System), Alma.

I attended many types of sessions, but also focused on using the course reserves portion of our new ILS, Alma.

The last day, I was fortunate to attend a last minute session that got me really excited about a way to get more textbooks into our course reserves.

  • Target library services to diverse communities:
    • Stay up to date with current practices in reaching diverse communities in our library
  • Target library and information services to the underserved:
    • With a focus on technical services (course reserves, periodicals, cataloging and acquisitions)

So many notes! What to do with all the info???

ELUNA Regional Cohorts
It was very helpful to meet with our regional Ex Libris cohort peers where we were able to share our:

  • Ideas
  • Experiences
  • Problems