Library FAQs

If your question is not answered here, call us during open hours at 360-596-5271 for an immediate answer, or you can email

Services & Policies

Do you have my textbook?

Ask at the Check Out Desk if your textbook is available in the library or search in our Course Reserves where you are able to search by title, course name and/or number, professor, etc. If your professor has provided us with a copy of his/her textbooks, it will have been placed in the Course Reserves at the Check Out Desk. If your textbook is not available, you can ask your professor to place one on Course Reserves in the library.

How do I find things like books, articles, videos, etc. in the library?

Go to Start Your Research.

How do I borrow items from the library?

Bring your items to the Check Out Desk and provide a photo ID (e.g. student card or driver's license).

How long can I borrow library items?
Items Students Faculty/Staff Community
Books 28 days 28 days 28 days
Magazines 3 days 7 days 3 days
Video & Audio 3 days 7 days Library Use Only
Video & Audio in High Demand Library Use Only 7 days Library Use Only
Reserves Varies per Instructor/Item 7 days No Use
Netbooks 3 days 7 days No Use
Calculators & Cameras 3 days 7 days No Use
Laptops (Students have priority) Library Use Only Library Use Only Library Use Only
Can I borrow library items if I’m not an SPSCC student or employee?

Yes. Bring your driver's license to the Check Out Desk to create a library user account.

How do I reserve a study room?

Go to the Check Out Desk and reserve your room and time in the red study room binder.

Can I print in the library?

Only currently enrolled SPSCC students may print in the library. Your network ID, which is your student email ( account, is linked to your print account. Printing cost is 7 cents per page (double-sided pages are considered one page). Color printing is not available in the library.

Students can use a credit card to add money to their print account online, or pay with cash or check in the One Stop center (Building 22, second floor).

If you are not a currently enrolled student at SPSCC, you may go to your local Timberland Regional Library where you can print up to 100 free pages per week.

How do I log on and use the computers in the library?

Currently enrolled students: use your student email and password. Your username is your first initial and last name, followed by You may also have a number in your username if you have a common name. Forgot your password or username? Go to Forgot Your Password?
Community users: You are welcome to use the library's computers any time during open hours. However, first priority is always to our currently enrolled students. Low demand times for the computers are typically after 2 pm until closing. Ask a library staff member to log you on. You may also borrow a laptop computer at the Check Out Desk at any time, if one is available.
All users are expected to adhere to the Computer Resources Acceptable Use Policy.

I can’t log in to the databases from home. How do I log in?

Students: Use your Office 365 SPSCC student email and password. e.g. John Smith = (note: your username might have numbers after it if it's a common name, e.g.
Faculty and Staff: Use your work email and password. e.g. Jane Doe =
Problems getting into the library databases? Get Help.

Do you have a copier, scanner or fax machine in the library?

One black-and-white copier. No fax machine. Two scanner stations.

Can I eat and drink in the library?

Neat snacks and covered drinks are allowed as long as they are not disruptive to others. Clean up after yourself and leave no trace.

Are children allowed in the library?

Children are welcome in the library as long as parents, guardians, or caregivers follow these guidelines:

  • Children under the age of 15 who are not enrolled at SPSCC as a student must have a parent, guardian, or caregiver in the immediate vicinity of and in visual contact with the child.
  • Parents, guardians, or caregivers are fully responsible for the safety and conduct of the children under their supervision and must monitor their activities and behavior while they are in the library. Disruptive behavior is inappropriate and undesirable to an environment conducive to study and research. If this type of behavior persists, the children and the responsible adult will be asked to leave.

The safety of children left alone in a library building is of serious concern to the library staff. Library employees cannot be responsible for children who are unattended or demonstrating inappropriate behavior. If a child is found to be unattended or unsupervised in the library and library staff are unable to locate or identify an adult responsible for the child, Campus Security will be contacted.

Where is the library located on campus?

We are located in the Center for Student Success, Building 22. See Contact Library for maps and directions.

How do I pay a library fine?

When an item you checked out from the library becomes a week overdue, the library will place a fine equal to the value of the item on your account. Fines will prevent you from graduating, receiving grades, or ordering official transcripts. To remove the fine, you may:

  • Return the item in good condition to the library, or,
  • Pay the fine at the Cashier's Office.
    • If the item is later returned in good condition you will receive a refund.
    • For larger fines, you may arrange a payment plan with the Cashier's Office.
How do I get a book or article that the library doesn't have?

You can request an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) and we will help you borrow it from another library. Articles will take up to four business days to arrive. Books will take up to two weeks to arrive. Note: Most libraries will not loan CDs, DVDs, or videotapes.

Can I get a job at the library?

Library student positions will be available at Career Services when we have an open position. Please contact that office for more information.

Homework Support

I need help writing a paper. Can you help me?

Go to the Writing Center and schedule a time with a writing tutor or sign up for an appointment via TutorTrac. The writing tutors can help you with all aspects of the writing process, including brainstorming, writing thesis statements, developing and organizing ideas and citing sources.

You can also use eTutoring, our online professional tutoring service. It's free for currently enrolled students! The e-Writing Lab at eTutoring allows you to submit a draft of your paper to a tutor, ask for specific feedback, and receive a tutor's response within 24-48 hours. You can also submit eQuestions and a tutor will respond to specific questions within 48 hours (usually sooner).

I don’t know how to cite my work. Can you help me?

Our Cite Your Sources page has tutorials and guidelines on how to create citations in MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, ASA, and CSE formats. You may use these guides and tutorials to learn how to cite your work. You can also schedule a time with a Writing Center tutor or contact an e-Writing Lab tutor at eTutoring for one-on-one help with citing your work. Ask a Librarian is a 24/7 live chat service where you can get help with citations and other research related questions.

Can you help me with my homework?

Yes! SPSCC has several tutoring centers as well as an online professional tutoring service to help our students. Go to Get Help to get a list of tutoring services that may help you. You can also go see your professor during his/her office hours to get extra help from your professor. Your professor's contact information and office location are on your syllabus.

How do I log into my Canvas online classes?

Your username is your Student ID number (Faculty: use your employee number). Do not use any spaces or dashes. Use only numbers, like 123456789. Your initial password is the first six letters of your last name in lowercase. If your last name is less than 6 characters, repeat it until you reach six letters. Example: Bob Smith = smiths, Jill Wu = wuwuwu, Kelly O'Brien = obrien. For more information, see Canvas.

Can you show me how to use Canvas?

You can go to any of our tutoring centers, check the Online Learning Support or Canvas pages for more help. You can also log in to Canvas to look at our SOS course for help with Canvas, Panopto, and Office365.

Where can I get technology help?

Go to IT Help Center.