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How We #liveSPSCC

Ethan Saraceno-Oliveri

The Maker

Tenacious and on target.... Ethan is building a new career founded on lifelong passions and skills from the Army.

Meet Ethan
Sabrina Bradford

The HR Professional

Ambitious and accomplished. Sabrina advances her professional future after 15 years of service, via SPSCC.

Meet Sabrina
Isa Nguyen

The Go-Getter

Artistic and curious. Isa balances her social life and high school with earning college credit at SPSCC.

Meet Isa

Meet Our Students

Ethan Saraceno-Oliveri

Tenacious and on target.

This former Army fire support specialist found himself unexpectedly returning to civilian life after an injury ended his five-year military career. A tinkerer at heart, Ethan discovered the Advanced Manufacturing program, which gave him the means to embrace his creativity and turn his old skills and passions into a new career.

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Sabrina Bradford

Ambitious and accomplished.

This veteran service member and performing vocal artist set out to continue her professional career in Human Resources. Sabrina found close-to-home SPSCC, a great way back into the classroom and a community that embraces diversity and camaraderie.

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Isa Nguyen

Artistic and curious.

This part-time Running Start student is a serious go-getter. Dedicated to friendships and academics, Isa balances her social life and classes at the high school with an exploratory college experience to hone in on her passions. She's earning college credit while in high school and deciding her next steps.

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Tawni Andrews

Decided and devoted.

This Aberdeen City Councilwoman started flipping recipes for a healthier life after she developed diabetes. Tawni found a new passion for culinary arts, energizing her to leave a 20-year accounting career to earn a college degree and bring healthy food options back to Aberdeen.

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Chivan Lim

Edgy and inspired.

This B-Boy is always moving. Catch him freestyling in the SUB almost every morning before he heads to class. As president of the Dance Club and a jazz musician, Chivan is an inspired future music teacher who has perfected the student-life balance while earning a Direct Transfer AA degree.

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Xavier Woods

Fresh and fun.

When your life goals are to act, model, and travel, you have to work hard. Xavier is serious about completing his education while building his portfolio. Catch him reading fireside in the SUB or doing homework at Cutters Point. He's earning an AA at SPSCC before completing his degree online.

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Nicole Parsons

Real and passionate.

This pianist, singer, hiker, and YouTube video maker has planned her own student-life experience. From online psych and ethics classes to her Dutch Bros. barista job and caring for her aging cat, Nicole makes it all work. She's earning a Direct Transfer AA to transfer to a 4-year school.

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