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How We #liveSPSCC

Chivan Lim

The B-Boy

Edgy and inspired. Chivan moves to his own soundtrack, perfecting the student-life balance.

Meet Chivan
Matthew Autry

The Entrepreneur

Daring and driven. Matthew leverages Running Start as a fast track to earning his degree and independence.

Meet Matthew
Isa Nguyen

The Go-Getter

Artistic and curious. Isa balances her social life and high school with earning college credit at SPSCC.

Meet Isa

Meet Our Students

Chivan Lim

Edgy and inspired.

This B-Boy is always moving. Catch him freestyling in the SUB almost every morning before he heads to class. As president of the Dance Club and a jazz musician, Chivan is an inspired future music teacher perfecting the student-life balance. He's earning a Direct Transfer AA to go to Western.

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Matthew Autry

Daring and driven.

This Running Start student is an entrepreneur with big goals. Carving his own path, Matthew likes the low-pressure and low-cost intro to college that drives him to make his own plans to be successful. He's earning a Direct Transfer AA along with his high school diploma before entering a 4-year university as a junior.

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Isa Nguyen

Artistic and curious.

This part-time Running Start student is a serious go-getter. Dedicated to friendships and academics, Isa balances her social life and classes at the high school with an exploratory college experience to hone in on her passions. She's earning college credit while in high school and deciding her next steps.

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Xavier Woods

Fresh and fun.

When your life goals are to act, model, and travel, you have to work hard. Xavier is serious about completing his education while building his portfolio. Catch him reading fireside in the SUB or doing homework at Cutters Point. He's earning an AA at SPSCC to complete his bachelor's degree online.

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Nicole Parsons

Real and passionate.

This pianist, singer, hiker, and YouTube video maker has planned her own student-life experience. From online psych and ethics classes to her Dutch Bros. barista job and caring for her aging cat, Nicole makes it all work. She's earning a Direct Transfer AA to transfer to a 4-year school.

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