The arts at SPSCC: fall 2018 highlights

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Art Department at SPSCC has a long history of community involvement, hosting events that engage students, staff, and faculty with the arts in unique and creative ways. Fall Quarter 2018 was no exception, with special hands-on work and events for the SPSCC community—and local high school counselors.

Annual High School Counselor Breakfast: This year’s counselor workshop and breakfast featured an art-centric interactive team building exercise, a combined effort between the Art and Outreach departments. Local high school counselors and administrators in attendance explored the ways that art impacts all subjects and career pathways – including topics like science and chemistry - even if you don’t consider yourself an “artist.”

Ceramics Sale: In conjunction with Mini Maker Day in the SPSCC Library, the Art Department sold finished clay pieces crafted by students and faculty. The sale brought in over $500 and the proceeds go directly toward bringing visiting artist events and other opportunities to SPSCC art students.

Clay Hang: During the ceramics sale, the Art Department also hosted a “Clay Hang” that invited students to sit down and get their hands dirty with clay—a break from the stress of final exams. Participants played and even got to make something to keep; after the event, the creations were fired and glazed by the Art Department for artist pickup.

Looking for more of the arts in Winter Quarter 2019? Join us for an upcoming art exhibition at The Gallery or join us for a lecture from Native American speaker and activist Winona LaDuke in early February. Visit our Arts and Entertainment page for a full list of upcoming events.

A group of students sit at a table labeled "CLAY HANG", working with clay and fashioning cups and bowls