COVID-19 Update Sept. 19

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Today we learned that an SPSCC staff member has tested positive for COVID-19 after working on the Olympia Campus early last week. Based on what we know about this situation, we believe there is low risk that others on campus were exposed.

This is our understanding of the timeline associated with this case:

  • Monday, Sep. 13 – The staff member worked in building 25 on the Olympia Campus. They followed all campus health and safety protocols and were not symptomatic while on campus.
  • Wednesday, Sep. 15 – The staff member began experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 on Wednesday evening. They were tested for COVID-19 on Thursday and received a positive result today (9/19).

Staff who may have had close contact with this person on Sep. 13 have been notified and given additional information. In addition, public health officials may work with this individual to do contact tracing and will contact anyone who meets the CDC definition of having “close contact”. If you have concerns or questions about your health we encourage you to contact your health care provider.