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Friday, February 16, 2018

There isn’t just one way to become an architect in Washington State.

SPSCC’s collaboration with KMB Architects offers a unique pathway to a career in a design firm in Washington State after completing SPSCC’s Computer Aided Drafting/Building Information Modeling (CAD/BIM) program.

SPSCC alumna Elizabeth Glenn has worked her way from production to project management and is currently in the final phases of testing to become a fully licensed architect. Glenn is one of several SPSCC graduates on their way to a successful career in architecture.

Mark and Elizabeth review printed architectural drawings

How Elizabeth Sailed and Prevailed

  • 2003 - Began CAD studies at SPSCC (BIM not available at the time)
  • 2004 - Started internship with KMB Architects
  • 2004 - Completed Certificate of Architectural Drafting
  • 2005-2013 - Full time employment at KMB while fulfilling internship requirements of the National Council of Architectural Registration Board
  • 2014-present - Undergoing Architecture Registration Exams

The expected pathway to architecture includes earning a bachelor and master’s degree, completing an apprenticeship, and passing required exams to become a fully licensed architect.  Alternatively, students can start by earning a CAD/BIM associate degree and securing employment that allows them to fulfill the internship requirements of the National Council of Architectural Registration Board.

For several years, KMB has partnered with SPSCC’s CAD/BIM program by hiring student interns and mentoring them to become productive team members in design, project management, and licensed architects.  CAD/BIM program graduates can find employment in architecture, engineering, design, manufacturing, construction, and a wide variety of government agencies.

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Elizabeth Glenn and KMB president Mark Beardemphl