Exceptional Faculty Award supports academic success

Monday, December 4, 2017

Sally Sharbaugh, SPSCC counselor and faculty member, was recently awarded an Exceptional Faculty Award to support student academic success and retention.  Approved by the Board of Trustees on Nov. 14, 2017, the award will fund the travel and conference costs for ten faculty members to attend the annual On Course national conference in California.

Sharbaugh has been a passionate advocate of the learner-centered teaching approaches that On Course provides.  In September 2017, she connected a large group of staff and faculty for the college's second On Course training.  Led by On Course founder Skip Downing, the 3-day program graduated 37 SPSCC faculty and staff members and was funded by the Title III grant.

Ten of the 37 that completed the 2017 program will travel to Anaheim, Calif., in April of 2018 to deepen their understanding of learner-centered teaching strategies and gain additional strategies to use in their classrooms.

"The intention is to provide faculty and staff with an immersion experience in learner-centered education," said Sharbaugh.

Sally Sharbaugh
Sally Sharbaugh