Face-to-Face Classes Fall 2021

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

As part of becoming a vaccinated institution, SPSCC is offering more in-person classes in a variety of programs this fall. Face-to-face options are available on our Olympia and Lacey campuses. All classroom settings will follow current COVID guidelines. 

Here are the classes offering in-person options:

BPA111+ - Baking and Pastry Arts

CCS101 - College and Career Success

DENT151+ - Dental Assisting

DRAMA160+ - Drama

ENGL&102 - English

ESL051 - English as a Second Language

IE063 - Intensive English

MATH&152 - Math

MED150 - Medical Assisting

MUSC&131+ - Music

MUSL114+ - Music Lessons

NURS100 - Nursing Assistant

NURS111+ - Nursing Program Classes

PHIL235 - Ethics & Policy in Health Care I

PSYC236 - Psychosocial Issues in Health Care II

SPAN&121 - Spanish I

WELD100+ - Welding Program Classes

If you want to learn face-to-face this fall, you can see what courses are still open, and register, by searching in the online Class Schedule.

Face-to-face class options are listed by location ("Oly or "Lacey" campuses), course selections are limited and meet at a planned time and location. Verificatoin of vaccination or exemption is required to attend an in-person class.