Finally, College Your Way Again (Get Amped!)

Thursday, August 12, 2021

These past 16 months, our community has had a lot of practice being patient, following guidelines, and staying flexible. Some folks made the most out of it: learning new things, moving at a slower pace, and enjoying time alone at home. Some counted down the days to get together with friends and family, and missed having a full schedule with lots to do. And a lot of others fell somewhere in between.

The same is true of SPSCC students over the past year. Most students attended classes online from home, some joined in-person programs, and others took the hybrid class approach.

ASB President Nadaa Elbarbary called out some of the challenges students faced in her June graduation speech. “We were always trying to negotiate where we could have Zooms without background noises,” she recalled. “But I refused to accept failure, and so did you.”

And Nadaa was right. Overall, most students pushed forward, passed their classes, and graduated. More students than ever took advantage of financial and personal supports offered by the college, like the $1 million+ awarded in COVID relief funds and free online sessions with mental health counselors.

That’s why we’re celebrating all of our current (and future) students where they’re at, and offering the most flexible course schedule, services, and activities in college history. Thanks to strong vaccination rates in Thurston County and updated state guidance, SPSCC is ready to welcome students back to campus this fall. This year, you can do college your way again. With more in-person classes, and a huge selection of online and hybrid classes, you get to choose what works for you. Read on, and find your place at SPSCC this September.

Ready to Get Back to Campus

“I missed in-person study groups.” “I just learn better in a classroom.” “I need to be around people.” We’ve heard all of this and more, and we’re ready to get back to campus, too! For those who fall into this category, here’s what you can expect:

More face-to-face classes. Head back into the classroom to get in-person instruction in everything from math and English to drawing, music, political science, and more. It’s also a great time to get hands-on in one of our professional technical programs.

In-person services and events. Come on over to our Olympia Campus to get personal support, participate in student clubs and activities, access library and tutoring services, and workout in the health and wellness center.

Happy Staying at Home

“I like to pause and rewind lectures.” “I can do more with less time.” “I’m just not OK going in-person yet”. If you’ve done well at home this past year and want to maintain the new balance you’ve found, we’ve got you covered.

Many students were very successful in online classes last year. We’ve got a big selection of online classes that let you learn whenever and wherever it works for you.

Virtual services are still available. Zoom rooms and online meetings are here to stay, so you’ve still got access to the great (and free) supports we offer like counseling, tutoring, advising, and more.

Whether you’re a new student looking at college choices this year, or you’re a current student eager to return to campus, we’re here for you. No matter how you choose to do college this fall, you’ll find supports and schedules that work with your life.

Nadaa Elbarbary in cap and gown outside
This fall we're amped to welcome you back to campus with more in-person class options, events, and support services.