Local high school teacher finds her passion after getting a start at SPSCC

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Inspired by SPSCC: Jamie Jo Hiles

Business Education Teacher, Elma High School


Jamie Jo stands smiling in her classroom in front of a her desk with many photos and posters on the walls

“I loved how local SPSCC was.  I could drive up, go to my classes, see my friends, and then drive home.  It was great.”

Jamie Jo Hiles, SPSCC (2009), Associate of Arts 

Jamie Jo’s charisma, drive, and positive attitude make her the perfect fit for a high school classroom.  That’s why it’s no surprise that her journey through college ended up bringing her back to the high school classroom.


Jamie Jo graduated high school in McCleary, WA, before beginning her studies at SPSCC.  “It just made sense to me,” said Jamie Jo.  “I loved how local it was and that I could drive there and drive home.”  After a few short years, Jamie Jo earned a Direct Transfer Associate Degree, which allowed her to enter directly into Washington State University as a junior.  She studied communications and media at WSU and graduated in 2009.

After college, Jamie Jo found herself heading back closer to home to Elma, WA.  She began working as an emergency substitute teacher for the Elma School District and realized her calling was to become a teacher. 

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Jamie Jo smiles in front of the computer labJamie Jo did some research and found Central Washington University’s Career and Technical Education Certification program.  Two years later, Jamie Jo became a full-time business education teacher at Elma High School where she passionately encourages her students to succeed.

When we visited Jamie Jo in her classroom, we were able to see how her passions had combined and evolved overtime to make her the perfect fit in the classroom.  “It’s the greatest feeling in the world to see my students every day and to see them accomplish their goals.”

Jamie Jo earned an Associate of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media, and a Career and Technical Education Certificate.  While Jamie Jo’s journey at SPSCC didn’t start off with an end goal in becoming a teacher, she took valuable prerequisite courses that any four-year school would require.  “And that helped paved the path toward teaching,” Jamie Jo said.

“I really do believe in the mission and values of SPSCC and I always encourage my students to apply there for college.”

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