Pathway to a Career in Sales

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Jacob Luplow enrolled at SPSCC as a returning adult student without a clear plan of what he wanted to study. What he found at SPSCC was a passion for writing and skills that led to his role as VP of Sales at digital media company NorthAmericaTalk.

“My experience at SPSCC was absolutely fantastic, some of the best years of my life,” Jacob said. “SPSCC was where I fell in love with creative writing, and my professor, Jennifer Berney, remains one of the most influential professors in my academic years.”

While attending SPSCC, Jacob earned a paid internship writing with local online media outlet ThurstonTalk—an opportunity he received because of a recommendation from Berney. He graduated from SPSCC with an Associate in Arts with a focus on creative writing, and transferred to Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, on a full scholarship. There, Jacob earned a Bachelor of Special Studies and double majored in creative writing and art photography.

During his time at Cornell College, Jacob had some success as a writer and photographer. He worked for about six months as an investigative journalist for the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism on a long-form piece about puppy mills, and saw his writing and photography published in several journals, most notably Brown University's literary journal “The Round.”

After graduation, Jacob decided to stay in Iowa and explore careers outside of writing. He saw an ad for a job selling cars and applied. Jacob quickly realized he enjoyed selling cars—and he was good at it.

"I fell in love with sales because I love helping people solve their problems and re-envision situations," Jacob said.

That position set him on the path to becoming the VP of Sales for NorthAmericaTalk, the media organization behind ThurstonTalk where he got his start as an intern during his time at SPSCC.

Today, Jacob is in charge of sales for NorthAmericaTalk’s online sites across the Pacific Northwest. He oversees every aspect of the sales process for the company, from the sales team members to developing strategic partnerships in the community, as well as day-to-day sales.

While some people might not see a correlation between his career and degrees, Jacob knows how writing and art has shaped every aspect of his life, including his ability to sell. He credits his success as a sales professional to everything he learned in school, from interacting with people to the fundamentals of quality writing that’s required in email or written communications.

Jacob believes it’s all connected, and it was all crucial for his journey.

“If I could do it all over again, I'd pick the same path.”

Jacob Luplow in front of NorthAmericaTalk banner
"I fell in love with sales because I love helping people solve their problems and re-envision situations," Jacob said.