Push Play with EJ Frazier

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

“Over the last two years, I have not only worked on transitioning into a career that I have always had a love for, I have also transitioned into someone who is happy to look into the mirror.”

EJ Frazier came to SPSCC in his thirties to get ready for a career he’s always wanted: Automotive Technology. At four years old, EJ was introduced to the world of rebuilding classic cars and it was love at first sight.

“I would sit quietly in the garage, watching as our neighbor worked on his car, hoping that he’d ask me to help, which he never did,” said EJ. “Ever since, I’ve looked for ways to learn more about cars.”

As a teenager, EJ dreamed of traveling around the country in a rebuilt and upgraded Volkswagen bus. Through the years, he searched for opportunities to learn the basics about cars and how to get started on the rebuilding process to make his dream a reality. That’s when EJ found SPSCC’s Automotive Technology program.

Getting started on a new career wasn’t the only transition EJ was experiencing at the time. Just six months before starting at SPSCC, he began medically transitioning genders.

“I hoped that by the time I graduated, I’d be able to walk through the world with confidence in myself and in my skills,” said EJ. “When I first came to SPSCC, I was terrified of what type of treatment I would get. I was completely surprised to find out that most staff and faculty are accepting and willing to make life here on campus as safe as possible.”

EJ is thankful for the support provided by the staff and faculty, whether it be directing him to the best resources or standing with him to help ease his nerves when explaining to others about not misgendering him.

“Life is full of transitions and embracing them in a positive way can be difficult,” EJ said. “Not only has SPSCC helped me through the toughest transitions in my life, but the faculty and staff have also given me the necessary tools to move forward in my career and life with confidence.”