Spotlight Series on International Students: Lucas Lee

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

We’re shining a spotlight on some of our international students. With this Q&A series you’ll get to know these students through their own words. They’re sharing their experiences, why they chose SPSCC, and what their goals are. 

Our first Q&A is from Lucas Lee, an international student from Korea. 

How did you learn about SPSCC?

My parents recommended SPSCC after they met Juana Alcala and a recruiting director at a promotion event in Korea. I was studying in Canada back then, so I visited SPSCC by my own and talked to faculty and current students in person. 

What makes SPSCC unique?

SPSCC values international students as they help students get settled academically and culturally. Students are introduced to multitudes of programs including orientation, peer mentorship and homestay program. Juana, Jenna, Mindy and Rob (part of SPSCC staff) always keep in contact with the international students with kindness and consideration. They provide emotional support to students while we are away from our home countries and families. 

Tell us about your student life at SPSCC.

I am working as a Campus Activities Board Coordinator, part of Student Leadership. I organize a variety of student activities such as Lunar New Year event, Black History Month, multicultural events, athletic events and outreach activities. The job is rewarding in that I get to learn how different departments in school support each other and help students receive appropriate aid.  

What was the most memorable event that you organized?

Organizing Lunar New Year event had a bit of ups and downs. Classes were cancelled or delayed due to heavy snow, and because of that we were concerned about attracting a large audience. My team members and I worked persistently by receiving advice from our advisor Robert and preparing performances and food. Eventually more than 200 people showed up through word-of-mouth and the event came out successful. 

Two words to describe SPSCC?

Holistic and success-driven.

Has SPSCC changed your life or attitude in any way?

My attitude towards people has greatly changed. People here are actively engaged in communication and interested to listen to my story. That also allowed me to open up to more people, opportunities, and community in general. 

What is your goal?

After successfully completing studies at SPSCC, I want to transfer to University of California and study Computer Science. I aim to build up experience in tech and work for startup companies. 

Your message to prospective students?

It is okay to feel demotivated and pressured to live up to someone’s expectations. Just keep striving, building your own circle, supporting each other, and making new family. You will realize how fruitful your life at SPSCC can become.

Lucas Lee standing at the entrance to pedestrian bridge on SPSCC campus
Lucas Lee is an international student from Korea who hopes to transfer to University of California to study computer science after he graduates from SPSCC.