SPSCC pens deal with University of Glasgow, expanding international transfer program

Friday, December 21, 2018

Students studying the sciences now have more international study opportunities to look forward to. On Nov. 1, South Puget Sound Community College President Tim Stokes signed an international transfer articulation agreement with the University of Glasgow in Scotland. The agreement allows students to transfer into the third year of a bachelor’s degree program in over ten new science subjects, including chemistry, microbiology, marine biology, and sports science.

Because other countries do not have general education requirements like the United States, articulation agreements lay out a series of course and degree requirements to align a transfer student’s coursework with what a student would learn in their first or second year of college in that country.SPSCC President Tim Stokes poses with Dr. Iain Johnstone, Dr. Patrick Chapman, and Amy VanSurksum in front of a red statue on SPSCC's campus

SPSCC’s history with the University of Glasgow–the fourth oldest college in the English-speaking world–dates back to 2010, when it became the first short-term study abroad location for SPSCC students. Since then, the short-term programs have expanded to include Japan, New Zealand, and more through a statewide consortium.

Work on the first international transfer agreement also began in 2010 with the assistance of anthropology professor Dr. Patrick Chapman. The first agreement was signed in Nov. 2013 with Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, New Zealand, and opportunities have since arisen in London, Paris, and Cork, Ireland. The college’s agreement with Glasgow, signed five years after the transfer program’s inception, bookends a deepening relationship between two international communities, and provides an invaluable opportunity for science students to bring an international perspective to their education.

Do you know someone interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree abroad? In addition to the University of Glasgow's Bachelor of Science programs, SPSCC has developed a growing list of international transfer programs. Students can also explore shorter international experiences through our study abroad options.

SPSCC President Dr. Tim Stokes signing a stack of papers at his desk, with Dr. Iain Johnstone of University of Glasgow overseeing
SPSCC President Tim Stokes signs the agreement alongside Dr. Iain Johnstone, Professor of Biomolecular Science at University of Glasgow