SPSCC welcomes four new faculty members

Monday, October 16, 2017

SPSCC is honored to recognize its newest full-time faculty members. Bringing together a wonderful cohort of educators to our campus community.

Eric Chase
History Professor, Social Science and Business

As a Navy veteran, Eric Chase was able to see how politics influenced the world first-hand. He continued his education at The Evergreen State College, since then he has been teaching for 17 years as an adjunct faculty member at SPSCC, with additional teaching experience at local high schools, The Evergreen State College, and Saint Martin’s University. During his time at SPSCC, Chase has been co-faculty advisor for the successful BRICK club at SPSCC. The club increased community knowledge on how to organize political campaigns successfully, use community resources, and empowered students to create a better world. Chase is passionate about Native rights and is an Olympia Film Society volunteer.

Chase received his Associate of Arts in U.S. History and Political Science from Seattle Central Community College, his Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Economy from the Evergreen State College, and his Master of Arts in History from Vermont College/ Norwich University. He has worked part time for the college since November 2001.

Stephanie Lee
Biology Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences

Stephanie Lee often uses her own story in her classroom to let her students know that it is okay to change their mind. After graduating with her political science degree, Lee served in the Peace Corps in Niger as a health education volunteer. During her time in Niger, she discovered she wanted to pursue a different career that reflected herself and returned to school to get a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology. Lee has three years’ experience teaching community college and does her job solely for the students. In fact, a handful of students have reached out to thank her for encouraging them, “those moments make it all worth it,” said Lee. While she is not in the classroom, Lee enjoys hanging out with her dogs, Charlie and Molly, hiking, gardening, enjoying the sun, and cooking.

Lee received her Associate of Arts in Political Science from Santa Ana College, her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of California, her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from University of North Carolina, and her Master of Science in Biology Education from San Francisco State University.

Dr. Laura Martin
History Professor, Social Science and Business

Dr. Laura Martin was inspired to follow in the path blazed by her role model (who also happens to be her mother) and become a professor. While pursuing her Ph.D., Martin began studying the history of San Francisco social movements and worked extensively with Freedom Archives, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization, to revive 50 years of historical records for teacher and students to access. She became an activist and enjoys the fact that by understand our past we can create a better tomorrow. Dog mom of two, Martin likes to spend her free time writing.

Dr. Martin received a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from Marlboro College and both a Master of Arts and doctorate in History from University of California Santa Cruz.

Thad O’DellThad O'Dell hiking
Mathematics Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences

Mathematics has always come easy to Thad O’Dell. He has been teaching math for over 25 years at high school and college level. In fact, his first teaching position was at an International High School in Taiwan right after earning his bachelor’s degree from Washington State University and completing his student teaching overseas. O’dell traveled all over Southeast Asia during this opportunity and he found the whole experience incredible and beneficial to his methods of teaching. O’dell enjoys teaching because of the fresh faces he sees in each of his classes every quarter making it a constantly changing environment. In his free time, O’dell enjoys spending his time outdoors, hiking, running, and spending quality time with his wife and four kids.

O’Dell received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Washington State University, his Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his Master of Arts in Mathematics from California State University.