Learning Communities at the Olympia campus

At the Olympia campus, you can enroll in learning communities, or “links,” in which two or more courses are combined in the same classroom.  You register and earn credits for each of the courses linked in the learning community.  The courses are often taught by multiple professors, each bringing their own discipline and expertise to the learning community.  You will spend all of your class time together, integrating different disciplines and subjects (such as Psychology and English). You’ll find that your learning is deeper and more interesting and that in the learning communities you will connect more to fellow students and professors.

The Learning Community for Winter 2017 will focus on the American experience, as told from diverse perspectives through short stories and novels. Readings will include Latina, African-American, Native American, and Jewish voices. All readings and papers for will count for both the composition and literature courses.

MTWTh                  10:00 a.m.  – 12:15 p.m.                 21-130

Faculty: James Schneider, English/Humanities (jschneider@spscc.edu); Jenn Berney, English/Creative Writing (jberney@spscc.edu)

Earn 10 credits for successful completion of this Learning Community:

5 credits of Communication requirement:

English 101  OR  English 102

5 credits of Humanities requirement:

American Ethnic Literature:  Diversity counts as Humanities and fulfills the Diversity requirement.

Enrollment Requirements

Register for these two courses if you are taking ENGL& 101.      

5103      ENGL& 101          English Composition I

5101      ENGL 250            American Ethnic Literature: Diversity


Register for these two courses if you are taking ENGL& 102.

5102      ENGL& 102          Composition II

5104      ENGL 250             American Ethnic Literature: Diversity