Administrative and Exempt Professionals

Human Resources
Policy Number: 
Friday, May 2, 2014
Last Revised: 
Thursday, July 1, 2021

South Puget Sound Community College employs many administrative and exempt professionals and this policy outlines personnel rules for these employee.

Personnel Files
Copies of materials in official personnel files shall be confidential and shall be restricted for use to verify administrative requirements or when otherwise required by law.

Administrators and exempt professionals or their designee, shall have access to all materials in their personnel files during normal business hours.  An administrator or exempt professional shall be notified of any request either oral or written for access to his/her personnel files except for administrative use as described above.  Copies of materials in personnel files may be requested provided forty-eight (48) hours’ notice is given.

Material which might adversely affect employment, may be placed in the personnel file only after allowing the administrator or exempt professional to read the material and append to it, answer to any charges, complaints, or statements involved.  The administrator orexempt professional shall then sign the material, but such signature shall not necessarily imply agreement with the statements contained therein.

Each administrator or exempt professional will have only one official personnel file, this being the file kept in the Human Resource Office. After a period of five years, materials, which may adversely affect employment, will be removed from the file at the request of the administrator or exempt professional.

It is the policy of the college that administrators/exempt professionals are compensated on an equitable basis with comparable positions in the State Community and Technical College System and commensurate with an administrator’s/exempt professional’s job responsibilities as determined by the president.

Beginning July 1, 2021 administrative/exempt staff will be eligible to receive five (5)% of the year end close.  The first year will be paid in December 2022 and annually thereafter.  The maximum allotted amount to be split equally among the administrative/exempt staff will be $100,000.00.

Voluntary Employee Benefit Account
The Voluntary Employee Benefit Account (VEBA) plan is a pre- and post-retirement medical expense reimbursement account available to eligible administrative/exempt employees.  The VEBA plan enables the college to use funds that would otherwise be paid to the employee for cash out of compensable sick leave and annual leave at retirement, as well as monthly payroll contributions, be deposited tax free into a VEBA trust account on the employee’s behalf.

The Board of Trustees has authorized that a Voluntary Employee Benefit Account (VEBA) plan be available to eligible college employees and has delegated to the president the authority to develop and implement the provisions of such a plan.

Additional Employment
Administrators/exempt professionals are considered employees whose primary full-time obligation is to the college.  The administrator’s/exempt professional’s appointment represents the employment relationship between the individual and the college.  Any additional employment or compensation from the college shall be authorized in writing by the respective dean or vice president.

It may be beneficial to the college and desirable for the administrator/exempt professional to occasionally teach classes or perform other supplemental duties distinctly different from or in addition to their normal responsibilities.  Prior to approaching an administrator/exempt professional with a request to teach a class or perform such duties, the person responsible for scheduling the class or activity shall first review the proposed staffing with the respective dean or vice president. 

The following guidelines apply to additional employment by the college:

  1. The administrator/exempt professional being asked to teach/perform additional duties possesses the desired expertise, education, and meets the overall objectives of the college.
  2. Activities occurring during the individual’s normal working hours may be voluntary.
  1. Activities occurring outside the individual’s normal working hours may be for supplemental compensation.
  1. Methods to ensure that normal responsibilities are maintained are discussed and approved by the immediate supervisor.
  1. All activities clearly avoid any ethical conflict or conflict of interest between the proposed activity and normal responsibilities.

The following guidelines apply to additional employment outside the college:

  1. Administrators/exempt professionals who engage in paid employment or entrepreneurial activities outside the college are expected to ensure the activity does not  interfere with or detract from their performance in their full time position. 
  2. Administrators/exempt professionals who engage in paid employment or entrepreneurial activities outside the college shall notify their immediate supervisor.
  3. Employees who are working outside the college shall file an Outside Employment Form with the college.

In accordance with  RCW 41.06.070(2)(a) Administrative and Exempt personnel at South Puget Sound Community College are considered  "at will" employees; and as such they serve at the pleasure of the president.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply: 

Administrative and Exempt employees