Professional Development and Training Funds

Human Resources
Policy Number: 
Friday, April 25, 2014
Last Revised: 
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
 Professional DevelopmentCollege employees may enroll in classes or attend workshops and seminars for the purpose of improving job performance and reaching their educational goals. The College allocates funds annually for professional development opportunities for classfied staff, administrative/exempt and faculty employees. Admin/exempt and classified employees are eligible for up to $350 each year for professional development funds. These funds are expended on a first-come first-served basis each fiscal year. In addition, employees who are pursuing an advanced degree are eligible for reimbursement funding at the rate of $200 per quarter credits or the equivalent. A maximum of 12 quarter credits or equivalent are allowed per academic year. Classified employees must have attained permanent status to be eligible for professional deveopment funds. Full time faculty are eligible for professional development funds on an annual basis to pursue professional development opportunities. Additional information can be found in the Faculty Bargaining Agreement. The College Foundation also offers classified staff awards and exceptional faculty awards on an annual basis.
Employee Development Program- Continuing Education The college is committed to offering training and development opportunities to all faculy and staff. The Center for Corporate and Continuing Education offers a reduced price structure on all courses  and classes in the Corporate and Continuing Education program on a space available basis. The quarterly class offerings and reduced pricing is posted on the Human Resource webpage. Reference: Corporate and Continuing Education.
Administrative/Exempt Professional Development and Training It is the policy of the college to provide a professional development and training program for administrators/exempt professionals.  The program will be supported by budget allocation on an annual basis.  The program will be designed to:
  1. Enhance knowledge and skills of all administrators/exempt professionals;
  2. Provide opportunities for administrators/exempt professionals to gain the skills necessary for successful performance of job descriptions;
  3. Provide training which will result in the most effective and economic assignment of administrators/exempt professionals for accomplishing college goals; and provide opportunities to gain the skills necessary for upward mobility.
Faculty Professional Development Fund The faculty professional development fund allows faculty to pursue professional development opportunities using funds designated for training. The program and eligibility is defined in the faculty negotiaited agreement and is administeted by the Office of Instruction.Reference: AFT Faculty Bargaining Agreement.
Classified Staff Training and Development Fund The college is committed to the development and training of classified employees to increase job performance and promotional opportunities. The classified staff training and development program is funded annually to help classified staff reach their performance goals. Funds allow employees to attend on or off campus trainings and workshops to enhance their job skills or obtain and advanced degree. Reference:WFSE Classified Bargaining Agreement.