Syllabus Policy

Policy Number: 
Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Last Revised: 
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Syllabus Policy

It is the policy of South Puget Sound Community College, in accordance with the policies of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges that all state-funded courses at SPSCC must have on file by the census date for the course an electronic copy of a syllabus for that course. More specifically, all faculty at SPSCC will create an electronic syllabus for each class to be posted and stored publicly in a manner directed by the College.

All syllabi will include, at a minimum, the following information in electronic format:

  1. Defined items specific to the course:
    1. The course title as it is shown in the Course Catalog
    2. The name of the Instructor(s)
    3. Catalog description as it appears in the Course Catalog
    4. Course prerequisites, co-requisites, or permissions
    5. College-Wide Abilities addressed in the course
    6. Course-Level Student Learning Outcomes
    7. The Diversity Course Intent Statement (if applicable)
    8. A link or URL to the course outline (if available)


  1. Items created by the Professor specific to the class:
    1. Class meetings times, dates, and locations
    2. Instructor contact information, including email address, and where applicable, office phone number, office location, office hours, etc.
    3. Any required texts or materials
    4. Methods of evaluation, class-specific grading scales, and general overview and weighting of assignments
    5. Schedule of major class events and key dates (eg. test dates, advising day, holidays, final day of instruction, final exam, culminating project, etc.)
    6. Policies for late or make-up assignments
    7. Class-specific attendance and/or tardiness policies
    8. Class-specific academic dishonesty policies
    9. Other course and classroom descriptions, policies, and expectations (eg. technology, communication, participation, other course specific policies, etc.), including behavioral expectations and consequences


  1. Universal, campus-wide items common to all courses. These will be provided by the College and may be attached or linked to electronically:
    1. The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities
    2. College accessibility policies
    3. Disability Support Services
    4. The library, tutoring, and other academic support services
    5. College-wide grading policies (eg. GPA and letter grade policies, grade appeal and replacement policies)
    6. Grade appeal procedures
    7. College-wide plagiarism and academic misconduct policies
    8. College-wide withdrawal policies
    9. Financial aid policies
    10. Emergency Scholarship funds procedures
    11. Campus closure and inclement weather policies
    12. Emergency procedures
    13. Non-discrimination and harassment policies and procedures
    14. Student Leave and Absence Policies (eg. Absence for Faith or Conscience policy, Military leave policy, etc.)


  1. In addition to the mandatory syllabus information above, the College will regularly host “best practices” professional-development activities for faculty intended to improve the quality, universal accessibility, and usefulness of syllabi.
To Whom Does This Policy Apply: 

This policy applies to faculty, deans, and the division administrative assistants.