Use of Cellular Devices for College Business

Information Technology Services
Policy Number: 
Friday, March 28, 2014
Last Revised: 
Tuesday, July 24, 2018

South Puget Sound Community College may provide cellular devices or a stipend for the use of personal cellular devices to those employees whose positions require the use of such devices as determined by the appropriate area Vice President or the College President.*

  1. All employees who use a College-issued or personal cellular device to access business documents and communications must comply with state and College-specific security standards, records management and retention s chedules, and all other applicable laws and standards.
  2. All call records, documents and data, photos, etc. used to conduct state business, and created, stored, or transmitted on personally-owned devices, are subject to records retention requirements and public records disclosure.
  3. Personal call records and other information (e.g. personal data, photos, text messages, etc.) may be subject to review or audit in the event of a litigation hold or public disclosure request.
  4. The owner of a personal cellular device may be required to surrender the device, including all personal and business related information, if it is subject to a public records request or litigation hold.
  5. The employee is responsible for all costs and maintenance of the personal cellular device and service plan.  The employee is also responsible for all contract fees such as activation fees and early termination penalties, regardless of the reason for authorizing or terminating an allowance.
  6. If the device is lost or stolen, the cellular device may be wiped remotely by IT Services (State Security IT Standards).

*Based on business need, a stipend may be approved by the Dean or Director.


SPSCC recognizes that cellular devices, for certain personnel, are valuable tools that aid the College in conducting business in an effective and timely manner.

This policy governs the authorization, use, and payment for cellular devices required for business purposes by SPSCC. It ensures compliance with state statutes, administrative codes and case law regarding public records retention and discovery, permissible use of state-purchased devices, and monthly allowances for employees using personal devices to conduct state business. It also addresses employee obligations under state law regarding public records retention and discovery even when an employee uses a personal device only for occasional business purposes and does not seek an allowance from the College.